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Requiem for a Dream, Film Review

This film starts off dark and actually gets darker – though surprisingly for such a depressing storyline about shattered dreams and lives ruined by addiction it’s very easy to watch. If it wasn’t for such a creepy and intense score it could well have got away with being more of a dark comedy (some scenes are funny and light hearted).

Requiem for a Dream Film Poster

The films premise is that it tells the story of 4 people and of their struggles and ultimately individual downfalls with drug addiction. It’s a great film and so much better than Aronofsky’s other highly rated film Pi.

Ellen Bursytn as Sara Goldfarb (the mum) is fantastic and puts in a great performance (missing out on the Academy award for best actress in 2000 to Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich).

The direction and editing throughout the film is prominent – the film is full of montages of quick cuts, split-screen shots along with extremely tight close-ups, long tracking shots (including those shot with an apparatus strapping a camera to an actor, called the Snorricam) and time-lapse photography. All very stylistic devices that give a great feel to the film.

At the end , there is a short period of serenity during which the character’s idyllic dreams of what may have been are juxtaposed with portraits of the four shattered lives.

All in all a good film with great direction and editing and one I’d recommend if you don’t mind depressing storylines.

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