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Garden State, Film Review

This cult film, written, starring and directed by Zach Braff (his feature film debut) is bizarre from start till finish and unfortunately a bit of a jumbled mess. Considered a ‘major success’ for the Scrubs actor it loses direction and meanders through to the end with no real climax or feeling of satisfaction for watching it.

Garden State

The film has an overall relaxed feel to it, reflecting the serene nature of the lead (Zack) and the drugged up medicated world he’s trapped in since actions in his tragic past whereby his father began dictating his life into a prescription-guided haze.

It’s all about him finally returning home to New Jersey (the Garden state) after receiving word from his father that his mother has died. He hooks up with his old friends who still live there and also meets and ends up falling in love with an equally eccentric person (Natalie Portman).

The film is full of oddball characters and awkward relationships that you probably wouldn’t relate to unless you were really unlucky (especially between him and his dad). It relies too much though on this for laughs as it doesn’t really feature any written jokes, though it will make you laugh out loud in places with its awkwardness and just plain bizarreness.

The themes of the film are about love and awakening (one of the scenes towards the end of the film where they all scream into the ‘abyss’ is a scene of rebirth for the main character). It’s just that these aren’t really formulated into a film with any direction or real meaning.

I haven’t seen a film in a long time where I’ve been waiting for the end credits to finally roll.

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