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A fun day out in Cambridge

On the River Cam with the 'Bridge of Sighs' in the backgroundAnother year has past and to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary my wife (Moira) and I decided to stay overnight in Cambridge.

Arrangements were made for Nanny to look after the kids for the night, Moira spent some time looking round at reviews of local accommodation and deliberating hard as to where we should stay (she loves doing that), clothes were packed and we were finally off down the A14 on a short drive to the university town.

Now I’ve never been to Cambridge. I’ve been a fair few times to Oxford and really enjoyed that, and as the two towns are supposed to be very similar I was very much looking forward to it.

To cut a long story short, the town certainly didn’t disappoint.  It was a lovely town and we really enjoyed it. The town centre was very picturesque and full of people (mainly students) bustling about its pedestrianised streets. Watch out for those bikes mind as they shoot about everywhere and at a fair rate too!

We were really lucky with the weather and it was really warm with glorious sunshine – perfect for mooching around in.

During the day we looked around the shops (me for a retro style brown suit for work, and Moira for some long boots with a high heel) and did a spot of sightseeing round the town visiting all the wonderful colleges and buildings. For lunch we went to the Eagle, the oldest pub in Cambridge and had baguettes, chips and two pints of tasty real ale.

Punting on the River Cam in CambridgeWe then spent £18 for the both of us to go up and down the River Cam on a punt for 45 mins. It sounds expensive but I really recommend it as it’s well worth it. The river is so serene and kept in great condition. It also winds past all the major colleges in the town centre (Trinity, St Johns , Kings and Queens) and is by far the best way to see them and to learn about their history and famous connections. The chap who did the punting was called Dillon and he was a very charming tour guide. He gave details of all the fantastic buildings we were passing and answered all our questions.

The evening was spent enjoying various drinks in several bars and pubs across the town, mainly sitting outside in the warm evening air. By mistake we ended up staying there during ‘Freshers Week’ (Cambridge University starts much later than other Unis), so there were loads of groups of students about, all chatting feverishly while getting to know each other (I know what it’s like having done that many years ago). One bar was full of students all dressed up as pirates and all tied via the ankle so they had to travel everywhere as 3-legged men. Of course this morphed into many people joining up so you’d get lines of people all tied via the ankles trying to get round the place and falling over each other. What a hassle when one of them needs the loo!

Moira chose a fantastic B&B just north of the town centre, called ‘Home from Home’ which was ran by a lovely couple. The room was clean and looked good, and the breakfast was even better. We crashed back there late at night after a great day and evening.

All in all a top time! I’d recommend the town to anyone as a short stay destination.

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