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Car models that should exist

More £100K+ premium SUV's would be good for the market such as the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate EditionRecent news that Bentley will be adding to their model line up with a third model, and that it could be a premium SUV is great news as far as I’m concerned. This will greatly help the Crewe based manufacturer and shows a good future direction under new VW stewardship and new Bentley-Bugatti boss Wolfgang Durheimer.

I’ve long thought that today’s car market is lacking in premium SUV’s and crossovers priced at £100k plus. It’s something car manufacturers are missing out on, as they’d undoubtedly sell like hot cakes especially in the Russian and middle-eastern markets.

Range Rover have recently caught on and have announced their Ultimate edition at the recent 2011 Geneva Motor show.

Diversifying your model line up can only be good. As long as you don’t tread on other model’s toes and steal customers off them then it’s great to offer more to the customer. Ferrari for instance have spotted the potential of a 4-door AWD luxury GT with the recent Ferrari FF.

Car models that should exist

This has got me thinking about what cars are potentially missing from manufacturer’s line-ups as well as other models that I’d like to see relaunched. I have no way in telling whether these would actually sell well, but to me they’d be a great idea.

Lotus – a small and sporty SUV crossover. Lotus’s ambitious new plans lack an easy money maker in a small or mid-size sporty crossover SUV that can go head to head with the Porsche Cayenne. By teaming up with Toyota again they could perhaps build upon the RAV4. Together with Lotus’s chassis and handling expertise and Toyota’s reliability, a magical combination could happen. As Porsche showed, having a popular/good selling car enables them to fine tune and invest in the rest of their model line up, which is what Lotus undoubtedly need for them to succeed.

Renault Aventime – this is crying out to be launched again, and I think to engineer this as a direct competitor to the Ford S-Max would be perfect. The GranTurismo generation perceive the Avantine’s as a sporty MPV, and Renault should capitalise on this. All they need to do is let their RenaultSport division take the reigns and work their magic. It’s a tough job as the S-Max is just so good, but there are no other choices for a sporty MPV that consumers can choose from.

Lancia Delta Integrale – possibly the greatest Lancia ever built. If they design it right and nail a new super hot hatch (unlike the chaps over at Audi with their new reincarnation of the Quattro) this would be a great way of re-entering the UK market (I honestly don’t understand why we get Chrysler and the rest of Europe get Lancia – a better known and liked brand in the UK). Of all the ideas for cars here I’d really love this one to work the most.

A small sports car from Jaguar – actually I’m cheating here. They’re building one already called the Jaguar XE. This will  be direct competition to the Porsche Cayman/Boxster in the premium sports car market and will do well judging by Jaguar’s recent form. Even Bugatti could get involved and profit within this segment by releasing a direct competitor, but VW may think otherwise now they have control of Porsche.

I’ll add more ideas to this blog as I come up with them.

If you have any ideas or thoughts please leave a comment.

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  1. 14 October 2012 at 8:10 am

    Way to go…us roofing guys could use a little more positive PR!

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