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Richard Madeley IS Alan Partridge

I usually listen to Radio 2 of a morning when I’m in the kitchen and making the kid’s breakfast, and am sad enough to admit I get a flutter of excitement whenever I realise Richard Madeley is standing in for Chris Evans.

The reason being is that he simply makes my day! I cannot help but imagine that it’s really Alan Partridge on the other end of the radio.

Sure enough as I’m listening, the following morsels of sound bites, social faux pas and general awkwardness come tripping over themselves into my ears…

“…loving your work, Lynn”..

…”When we were trying to conceive, I would douse my balls in icy cold water before intercourse’”…

…”Bangkok lady-boys are fascinating creatures…I’m merely confused by them, not attracted to them”… (well maybe not this one on the radio but you get my drift).

Looking at the above quotes you’d admit it’s hard to tell who they’re actually attributed to. Either (the brilliant) Alan Partridge, a fictional radio and television presenter portrayed by English comedian Steve Coogan, or (the equally brilliant, in our eyes) Richard Madeley, a real-life British television presenter and columnist who equally comes out with the most outrageous comments.

Richard Madeley IS Alan Partridge

Which one’s which??

It does’t stop there either.

Image the scene, a distressed lady who’s developed a Jamaican accent after some sort of neurological trauma is on the show and is being interviewed. She’s saying how unhappy she is about it, but the interviewer still can’t resist doing his Jamaican/Ali G accent whenever he can.

Or, calling people who stole garden plants ‘optimistic thieves’ instead of ‘opportunistic’.

Or, whilst interviewing Frank Sinatra’s daughter “It’s obvious you loved your father, but do you think you were actually in love with him?”

Or, whilst interviewing an actor who played a bisexual character in a film or a TV drama, then asking the actor if he was bisexual and who he would prefer to have sex with… himself or Judy.

See the forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=415609 for more brilliant examples.


Despite being a broadcaster, he is a socially incompetent and awkward character prone to one-upmanship, embarrassing social faux pas and displays of deep insensitivity to social norms.

His thoughtlessness and selfish lack of interest in anything beyond his own objectives exposes an unsympathetic character that is disliked and privately lampooned by many of those with whom he comes into contact.


An acknowledged expert on every subject, he was the host of the UK’s most popular tea-time talk show before he propelled satellite TV into a new era with his show on ‘Watch’. Sadly, that era was akin to the ‘Dark Ages’ but with lower viewing figures. He now divides his time between radio and voice-over work for a range of high performance mobility scooters.

His hobbies include skiing, water sports, breaking endurance records, and creating world-shattering inventions in his garden shed. His dislikes are many and include squirrels, tap dancers, turnips, rosy cheeked farmers, hostage situations, El Greco, Bulgaria, Tony Robinson, ear wax, the word ‘humungous’, Tetley tea bags, North Korea, Eric Clapton, suffragettes, mimosa, beard trimmers, duck tape, manilla envelopes, and 60s pop sensation Lulu.

He lives in London with his wife Judy.

(taken and adapted from the brilliant richardmadeley.blogspot.co.uk).


We still wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t want Richard to change. The cringe-worthiness and embarrassing episodes are just so entertaining and enthralling to witness that to not have him on our screens or hear him on the radio would be a huge shame.

Tell us below of any other moments of Richard Madeley magic…

  1. Derek mac
    21 January 2013 at 8:39 pm

    I would love Richard to change…….to change his career and leave tv and radio to talented people. I loathe him. I’m sure he is a wonderful husband and father but these are private attributes we, the public have no need to know.

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