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Feel the love for Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I first discovered Darwin Deez, it was through Spotify. They’re so quirky and unique; a really ace NY indie band.

The upbeat jangly guitar sounds, melodic chord progressions and rhythms, the catchy melodies and of course the charismatic front man himself – Darwin Smith – are all very cool and very endearing and likeable.

I then looked at their stuff on YouTube and completely fell back in love with music videos.They’re so well thought out and entertaining to watch.

Check out the below and see why I’m raving so much…!

Who are Darwin Deez? (blurb taken from the official youtube channel)

An equal mix of indie, wacky, Beck, and Fleetwood Mac, Brooklyn’s Darwin Deez is skilled at mixing sunshine pop with some indie attitude and lo-fi dissonance, but he’s been known to drive audiences crazy with his offbeat, Napoleon Dynamite-like dance routines.

After spending time in the N.Y.C. band Creaky Floors, Deez formed the band that sports his name and released the infectious indie pop single “Constellations.”

Live shows where the bandmembers entered dancing to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” made them the talk of the Brooklyn hipster set, while the U.K. caught on thanks to their early-2010 single “Radar Detector” and its extremely bonkers video.

That same year the band collected all its best “happy songs for sad people” for a self-titled debut album released by the Lucky Number label.

~ David Jeffries, Rovi


Weird and awkward choreography to go with a song about breaking up.


A Carl Sagan tribute. theberadblog.com/2010/09/14/new-darwin-deez-video-constellations goes into detail about it.

You can’t be my girl

A brilliant video; a story of unrequited love, told using stock video footage.

Free (The Editorial Me)

A cool video where he’s trapped in some kind of momentary Groundhog Day time-vortex. When he tries to break out of it, things get weird. It’s a clever concept that runs throughout the whole video.

Note the copy of Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Being and Nothingness” in Michelle’s hand when she spills the coffee – an existentialist reference.

Radar Detector

A video based on the book called the Bento Box of Useless Japanese Inventions. It captures the bright weirdness of the band, with lots of eye-popping colour and bizarre adventures.

Up in the clouds

Deez undergoes several weather related punishments to win back his air traffic controller girlfriend.

Bad Day

Video by www.anikainlondon.com.

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