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Feel the love for Electric Six – videos from their album Fire

Electric Six's 2003 album debut 'Fire' earned the group significant critical success

Electric Six’s 2003 album debut ‘Fire’ earned the group significant critical success

This is the 2nd post (in what I plan to be a series of posts) about the music I listen to and enjoy. My first was about Darwin Deez.

This post is about the very unique band that is Electric 6, and specifically about their 2003 debut album ‘Fire’ which earned the group significant critical success. It’s a fun album with some brilliant tracks which will put a smile on any face.

“Danger! High Voltage” achieved number 2 on the UK singles chart. Their second single “Gay Bar”, released in 2003, reached No. 5. “Dance Commander”, finally gave Electric Six its third Top 40 single (from this album) in the UK. The album itself reached the top 10 in the UK album chart.

Hailing from Detroit in Michigan, USA, their videos are very amusing and well worth watching. Deliberately low budget, they often don’t feature the band at all and instead feature actors pretending to be the singer – Dick Valentine.

The band’s eccentricity

One thing that also amuses me about their whole persona is the germanesque feel, like they’re a dodgy euro-pop/rock band. Just listen to the singer’s pronunciation of words throughout their songs (“rrrr-ight!”) or for example how he’s dressed in the Danger! High Voltage video to see what I mean (nice tache!). All of which is very eccentric, slightly bizarre or awkward (some would even say creepy) depending on how serious you want to take it all. I personally find it really funny and great entertainment. Which is what you want a band to be.

Dance Commander

This music video features the band’s frontman Dick Valentine dancing erratically around a house.

It’s a slightly different mix of the song and received significant airplay on MTV.

Danger! High Voltage

Now depending on who you believe, this track features Dick Valentine and Jack White (of the White Stripes) singing together. The lady in the video with a brightly flashing codpiece and bra is actress Tina Kanarek. Dick Valentine, the band’s singer, is the strange man looking straight at the camera and giving seductive looks.

Gay Bar

In the video an actor impersonating Dick Valentine is dressed as Abraham Lincoln, for no real apparent reason.


Another tongue-in-cheek video. Excellent.

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