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A Google Map of all 2017-18 English football clubs from the Premier League down to the National League

19 October 2017 Leave a comment

Google maps is a great tool to use – you can pin places of interest to a map before visiting anywhere, or jump to street view to see what a particular location looks like before hopefully not getting lost in your car.

The other great thing is the ability to make your own maps. Which I’ve done below.

This is a Google Map of all 2017-18 English football clubs from the Premier League down to the National League. All pinned in layers so you can view each of the different leagues.

There’s also links to each football club, details on their football stadium or ground etc

Inspired by a Sporcle game

I was inspired to create this on the back of one of the best Sporcle games I play every now and then – the fantastic Can you name the English football clubs from the Premier League down to Conferences North and South? In this game you have 18 minutes to name as many clubs as you can. I fully recommend you have a go. The below may even help…

A Google Map of all 2017-18 English football clubs from the Premier League down to the National League

View the below Google map in it’s own tab

Games Workshop Warhammer Fest, Sat 11th and Sun 12th October 2014

30 November 2014 Leave a comment

Warhammer Fest official programme 2014Years ago when I was a teenager I used to love Warhammer. Like really, really love it.

It wasn’t collecting the figures or painting them that I was interested in. To be honest I was crap at painting and to buy all the proper paints, inks and brushes was too expensive.

Instead I loved the whole Tolkienesque immersive world, the game design and the intricate thinking behind the rules. There were all the many species that fought against each other, each with it’s own army book describing history, special characters and special rules.

If you’re new to Warhammer, there’s basically two main time periods that the game is based around:

  • Firstly Warhammer Fantasy is in a mediaeval setting. You get the Empire (Men), who live in a Germanic styled realm along with all the classic Tolkienesque races such as Elves, Dwarves, Orcs plus there’s the Undead, Skaven, Ogres, Chaos and much more. Their world is a kind of mock Earth but of course has Magic permeating throughout it which makes things far more interesting (the 8 colours of magic and the differences between them is very imaginative).
  • Whereas Warhammer 40,000 (or 40K) is set far in the future and is purely sci-fi. The main warriors of men are the Space Marines who fight alongside the Eldar (science fiction Elves) against Chaos and other dark creatures such as the Tyranids.

Warhammer Fest

I’ve recently taken an interest in the whole genre again. Partially from an interest in how Games Workshop are managing everything nowadays and also because it’s nice to revisit stuff!

I saw tickets for Warhammer Fest going for £20 and as the Ricoh Arena is not far away I thought ‘sod it I’ll go’. And by myself too. Get away from it all for the day. I’m not sure anyone else would be as sad as me and join me anyway!

Ricoh Arena

Getting to the Ricoh is easy – just off Jnc 3 of the M6.

Inside there was all sorts going on – galleries of paintings, loads of fantastically painted miniatures, massive dioramas (battle scenes), plus gaming tables where short battles were going on.

There were also seminars, book signings, painting tables where you could listen to painting audio guides and paint your own free figure and a massive shop.

There was also plenty of chance to meet and talk to all the many friendly staff. I even noticed Jervis Johnson there – a long standing and well known Games Workshop figurehead.

Galleries of paintings

There were some impressive paintings and prints on sale.

Tiled Mosaic Gallery of Undead Figures

The first thing I noticed about the modern figures is just how intricate they are. Some are really delicate looking.

The better production technologies have allowed the designers of the figures much more freedom. From speaking to staff there, everything nowadays is designed on computers.

Undead battle

I even took part in a short battle which lasted 20-30 mins, a short space of time which only allows for roughly 2 turns each.

This was between two undead characters, Nagash and Settra (for those who know what that means).

It was run by two Games Workshop guys who were very funny and great facilitators of the event.

Even though it was Nagash by himself vs everyone else, he still ended up defeating Settra easily through a one to one challenge.


The shop was in a larger hall on the ground floor and was very busy. Looking around at what’s on offer now it was great to see that the game is just as diverse as it was years ago when I knew it much better.

The figures and books are so expensive though. Which is a real shame. From comparing costs on eBay (always a good indicators of what people are willing to actually pay for stuff and so what their true worth is) some of the stuff on sale was indeed massively over priced.

For instance the Warhammer Army books, which I used to love collecting, are now only available in hard back and retail at £30! A quick look at eBay, the same new books are selling at roughly £20, with some ‘nearly new’ books as low as £5-£10.

Games Workshop are missing out on a trick there, especially as it’s just so easy to shop elsewhere online for products now. If they were to reduce their costs, I’m sure they’d find people would buy directly from them much more. Especially because they have that fanbase who love the game and the organisation.

Battlefield Diaramas

There were some great battlefield dioramas on display. All which you could reach out and easily touch (which I didn’t), though big signs everywhere told you not to. This showed a good amount of trust to all the attendees of the event, which I thought was good.


A digital artist there was creating an image with a stylus on a computer which was very good. He was demonstrating zooming in, editing the canvas and more. I think he was using Photoshop though I could be wrong.

The picture was brilliant with lots of details. He was obviously very talented.


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Who or what is the best Skylander?

18 August 2013 Leave a comment

Skylanders GiantsEver since we bought the amazing video game Skylanders Giants for my son’s 6th birthday (we bought the Wii version), all of us in my family have been bitten by the Skylander bug. Well, apart from my wife who’s not that bothered! (she’ll come round I’m sure).

This platform-style game is simply great fun. The characters are brilliant (especially the way they level-up and gain new skills/power etc) and the levels, battles and heroic challenges are really fun to complete.

The fact that you swap the physical toy onto the portal of power is also a great idea too. It makes it much more fun to then collect all the characters.

Anyway, less about the game..!

So who is the best Skylander to play with? As in, the most powerful and the easiest one to play with to advance throughout the levels, complete all the battles and easily achieve all the heroic challenges?

We’ve got all the Skylanders (apart from Ninijini, who’s much too expensive, and Shroom Boom, who we’re not interested in buying), so what I’m suggesting below is from our many hours of playing the game with all the characters you can possibly hope to buy. We’re’ up to about 80% completed now for the game and should hopefully get the final 20% with a little help from Google and locating where the final treasure chests/hats are etc!

So without further ado I give you:

Drobot - Skylanders



Here’s my reasons why, I think, he’s the most powerful and easiest character to play and complete skylanders with.

Note, I’m not saying ‘most fun’, which could be any of the characters as they’re all great in their own different ways (for example my fave is Slam-Bam with his jingle bells sleigh and all-conquering close-combat smashing ability).

1. He fires constantly.

You hold down A and blitz everything in your path. None of this constantly-clicking-and-then-getting-cramp-in-your-thumb. You just press once, hold on and he fires constantly, until you let go.  This is of course because he’s a tech Skylander – so Trigger Happy, Drill Sergeant, Sprocket and Bouncer all have the same ‘hold it once’ ability. A really useful ability in my view.

So you just calmly walk through the level (or battle or heroic challenge etc) zapping all who come before you. Each individual ‘zap’ isn’t that powerful, but the sheer volume and deluge of fire power you dish out, means you can kill off even the most powerful monsters quickly.

2. His lasers go really far.

They go really far, like right across the screen and even beyond it. So you don’t have to get worried about getting up close to anyone and getting hit/damaged. So those final battle levels ‘You Only Live Once’ – where you’ve only got one point of life and cannot get hit – are easier to achieve as you don’t have to worry about getting close to your enemies. You can sit back across the far side of the screen and can pretty much obliterate anything before it gets even remotely close to you.

3. His secondary weapon ‘tactical blade gears’ is rubbish.

This might seem like an odd thing to put down for a so called strength, but the benefit is that you don’t get distracted trying to use this B weapon. Instead you just focus solely on using the main lasers weapon instead. These are, all things considered, the only weapon he needs anyway!

4. He’s quick

The fact that he’s a dragon means that he can fly. So if you need that turn of speed to complete a level quickly (if you’re going for that third star and trying to beat the time limit) or even just to get out of the way of a powerful opponent, you can use the afterburners to blast away and travel quickly to a safer location. The fact that these afterburners also damage enemies is a bonus too.

The most highly annoying thing though is that if Drobot is next to something or touches slightly the wall etc, he jolts and falls out of flying mode. So for example you can’t fly down corridors easily.

5. He’s got loads of life.

750 – 800 odd, if you level him up by doing heroic challenges and combining this with a good hat too. This is a massive amount of life and borders on the stats for the Skylander Giants, like Crusher, Tree Rex, Eyebrawl etc. The benefit of course being he’s hard to kill and stays alive longer – making it easier for you to complete levels without losing a life, thus achieving that tick on the final summary for that level.

So what do you think?

Do you agree that Drobot it the best for completing Skylanders? Or do you prefer another character? In which case who!?

Leave me a message below with your thoughts.

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