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Miniland at Legoland Windsor

22 December 2012 1 comment

In the summer of 2012 we all went to Legoland Windsor and had a fantastic time messing about on the rides and looking at all the cool full size models built out of Lego.

At the time I had plans to write a full-blown post on what it was like to visit, the costs, where to go etc etc but never did get round to doing this!

Instead I was inspired by the ‘Showcase Your Images with Galleries‘ post on the WordPress blog to create the below rectangular gallery.

This gallery is just of photos taken in the Miniland part – a particular area in the centre of Legoland Windsor that has loads of amazing model scenes of well known locations throughout Europe and the USA. Apparently nearly 40 million bricks worth!

If you have kids I fully recommend you go there – it’s a doddle to get there and to park, the queues aren’t too bad for the rides, the food’s inexpensive and above all you’ll have a great time! Trip Advisor has some great reviews of Legoland Windsor if you wish to read them.

See for full details. The Interactive map is especially good as you can zoom in and out using the scroller on top of your mouse and drag the map around too.

Legoland Windsor Miniland photo gallery


Video of the shuttle launch

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